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Here are my baby girls! I’m a proud Dad! January 6, 2006

Posted by Doug Blankenship in Family & Friends.

These are my girls and the joy of my life.  Im sure I will eat these words when they are teenagers but I am enjoying them now.

Abbey Rose     Christmas 2005 116.jpg     Christmas 2005 176.jpg

Abby Rose (5 years old)

Christmas 2005 168.jpg     Christmas 2005 170.jpg     Christmas 2005 183.jpg

Izabella Kathrine (3 years old)

Christmas 2005 013.jpg     Christmas 2005 190.jpg     Christmas 2005 002.jpg

Emma Grace (2 years old)


My First Post January 6, 2006

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Hello everyone.  I am writing my first post in my totally new blog site https://blankenship.wordpress.com that a colleage turned me on to, thanks Ant.  The intention for this blog site is to provide comment on things of interest and provide technical insight into areas that can be potential problem areas.  I hope you enjoy the site and any comments or suggestions are welcome.